To the All Natural Chatty Cathy at the Park:

Originally published on Her View From Home: Dear Well-Meaning Naturopathic Homeopathic Tree Bark Fruitcake Lady at the Park: I love you. I love your passion and zeal. And I love how concerned you are about my family’s health. I realize we are a walking medical disaster area, so I can see why you would want […]

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away….

Four years ago, I started to write a blog. It went something like this: Mommy’s alright.  Daddy’s alright.   At least that’s what I keep telling my husband. He was decidedly not alright when they said the “A” word about his little girl. “There is nothing wrong with my girl!” We take turns blaming the other’s genetics. “It’s your old […]