They’re JUST undewear. No one even sees them.

“I have a return,” I said as I plopped down my pile of five different packages of underwear onto the customer service desk at my local WalMart. These people probably think I’m running some sort of scam for how often they see me. “Anything wrong with them?” asked the CSR dutifully. “Nope, I just have […]

To the All Natural Chatty Cathy at the Park:

Originally published on Her View From Home: Dear Well-Meaning Naturopathic Homeopathic Tree Bark Fruitcake Lady at the Park: I love you. I love your passion and zeal. And I love how concerned you are about my family’s health. I realize we are a walking medical disaster area, so I can see why you would want […]

WHO does not want to wear the ribbon?!?

It’s (nearly over) October, which means it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Which means everyone is wearing pink. Pink ribbons and pink shirts and pink hair and pink balloons. Car dealerships lit up in pink.  Runners in pink.  Claires has a big cellophane balloon sign ” ❤ Your Ta-Tas” I don’t ❤ pink.  And I really […]